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I was looking for a simple profitable system to trade on the forex markets for many years. I understood the money management and the graphs and tried all the systems that i could find and came to the conclusion when sitting with a coach that i lacked a profitable system to trade This is the first one that i found that brought me consistent profit and is mechanical in nature. I am not stressed about having to try and predict the market direction anymore and the increase in the account that i am experiencing consistently for the first time is all the proof i needed.

I have purchased and read all 4 books on the ST Patterns strategy. I have found after some time of study, reflection, and backtesting that this system divides the market into a structure that is much simpler to understand. The entry and exit signals it generates are not subjective in any way, which I believe is a huge handicap for many other trade strategies.

I have had moments of skepticism only to discover errors in my application of the principles in this book. An email to the author was met with the most thorough and immediate reply I could have imagined, that likely took more than an hour and a half of his time to review and compose he broke down an entire month of backtest trading as if writing another book at my request! If you are serious about learning to trade a strategy that is completely versatile and unambiguous, this system is completely worth your time to study. Like any trade strategy, the amount of time invested in learning, practicing, and backtesting will drive the amount of potential success.

I highly recommend this book followed in short order by the other 3. Ver todas las opiniones. If there were 10 I would give him Solid system.

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However what Vladimir describes is rock solid, works in Backtesting and Forward Testing. It has a sound MM system which is key in Forex. I bought all 4 books even though I will most likely not trade the 5M. I have read all 4 of Vladimir's books twice now. The 2nd time around I made a booklet of notes.

The books are excellent. The strategy is also excellent. It is a lot of information to take in, hence why I have read them twice. I will probably read them again too.

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Vladimir is clearly a very intelligent man, with a very knowledgeable grasp of the foreign exchange market, who has decided to share it in these books. What is more, I have sent emails to him with questions of the strategies etc, which to my surprise, were responded to in a very prompt and detailed manor, answering all the questions I had. Thank you very much Vladimir, for a great series of books, and for being so responsive in communication, it clearly shows your passion for the trade, and how much you care that others are as equipped as they can be to succeed in the currency exchange market.

Top man. Top books. Get them!!!

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His technique is impressive. Few tunes I had to read some parts again, heck the pictures I guess if you follow the rules, mainly the range of interval, you will have a profitable system in hands. Why so many books? However, there's a certain logic about this methodology which is based around Fractals No! I didn't know what they were either. It undoubtedly requires the commitment to become very familiar with the process. It's not the easiest or reads but that's because it covers the subject matter very comprehensively with lots of examples.

I had a point that I needed to clarify and the author emailed a prompt explanation. Looking back on Forex charts I could identify many trading setups which prompts me to get his other books on the subject.

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I had to return this item as I could make very little sense of the system as explained by the author. Has this book been translated using some sort of translation software? The system may be as good as the author claims but how do you find out if it is written in incomprehensible English? The author has some videos but they are all silent.

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